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Posted by Maya Patricia Gagni on 07/22/2017
Introduction to Dramatherapy

Introduction to Dramatherapy

Spirit Project
The Willows, Chesterfield Rd, Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17, UK

Start Time
06/23/2018 09:30 am
End Time
07/15/2018 4:30 pm

Dramatherapy is a form of therapy that uses the dramatic elements as a medium via which a client, or a group of clients, can increase self-awareness or make changes in their own life(s). Basically, the opposite of talking therapy, in Dramatherapy the client fulfils a very active role of “doing”. The dramatic elements that are contained could be countless: role play, enhancement, storytelling and many more.

Sometimes talking therapies can reach a "stagnant" point with clients. For centuries arts have been used in order to access a deeper level in the human psyche. Within the safety of using metaphors clients can easily access a much deeper psychotherapeutic level than talking therapy.

This course is open to practitioners from all theoretical backgrounds

This 4 day (two weekends a month) training will cover the following:

  • Some theory behind Dramatherapy (conceptual sources, elements, techniques, stages and some of the models);
  • Metaphors: the use of and the importance of metaphors in Dramatherapy;
  • Role Play: the use of and the importance of role play in Dramatherapy;
  • Assessment framework;
  • Beginning, Middle and End in Dramatherapy;
  • Facilitation of some Dramatherapeutic structures;
  • Some examples of the use of Dramatherapy in specific settings;
  • Possible incorporation of Dramatherapy in your practice.

The aim of the course is allow participants to experience and understand how expressive Drama in therapy  can support and enhance the therapeutic work with clients.
The emphasis of the course is for participants to actively participate in the art making process and develop their own style in relation to their clinical practice.

Requirements: The course is for trainee or qualified Counsellors/Psychotherapists who wish to enhance her/his non-verbal communication skills and/or develop their ability to use ‘The Arts’ in Therapy.
It will also be an invaluable experience to those wishing to expand their self-awareness and enhance their personal development.
This course does not qualify participants to define themselves as an Drama Therapist (title protected by HCPC).

Because of the experiential nature of this training, the course requires you to be willing to take part in the art making process, discussions and to use your own experience as material to learn from.  Self-reflective skills will be needed in order to look at the self in relation to the arts. This includes the requirement to express yourself clearly, fluently and accurately.

23/24 June 2018; 14/15  July 2018

For further details please visit our website http://counsellingandpsychotherapyuk.com/Courses%20and%20Training/intro%20to%20dramatherapy.html

or call Maya Gagni 07903 598 324

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The Willows, Chesterfield Rd, Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17, UK

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