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Oliver Bettany

Halland United Kingdom

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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.


Practice Details

  • Anxiety, Depression, Low self-esteem, Family issues, Stress, Couples counselling
  • Practice Hours
  • Mondays, 4pm - 8pm
    Thursdays, 4pm - 8pm
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • Cash, cheque, bank transfer
  • Qualifications
  • PG Dip Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling
    Heartswork Certificate in Couples Counselling
    Heartswork Certificate in Group Work
  • Professional membership/s

More About Oliver Bettany

We all have thoughts and feelings that we fear to share with our loved ones. Sometimes it just gets to be too much and we’re compelled to reach out to someone who is not a part of our everyday life but who understands and cares about us nonetheless. Until we’re ready to create a society which has this kind of care and understanding built right into its fabric, counselling provides an important and life-enhancing experience of support during the more challenging chapters of our journey through life.

The founding principal of the counselling I practice is a belief that every one of us has the basic and inborn capacity to grow fully into ourselves, to become the person we were meant to be in this life, and that this is a life-long process. What this translates to in relation to the counselling I offer is that I know that deep down you are an expert in you. The only expert you will ever need. You hold the key which will unlock the door to reveal the best way forward for you.

So what am I good for?! Well, it can take a lot of time and space to begin to connect with this inner expert, in our journey through life we learn to throw up an awful lot of barriers to this kind of inner connection. I will work with you to create the conditions necessary for you to navigate these barriers and tap into the deep expertise you possess: together we will create a safe place from which you can begin to make contact with what is underlying the challenges you’re experiencing right now. I can help you find the key.

The cornerstone of my counselling practice is a powerful and practical approach called Transactional Analysis (or T.A. for short) which empowers clients with self understanding and provides them with tools to help them make new choices in dealing with the challenges of life. However, central to the way I work is my appreciation of the fundamental uniqueness of everyone I work with and so I recognise the importance of creating a new therapy for each new client, one which is informed by my experience working with a number of other Humanistic approaches to counselling, including:

  • Existential counselling »
  • Focusing-oriented therapy »
  • Gestalt therapy »
  • Person-centred counselling »

Taking my understanding of Humanistic psychology as a starting point I also integrate into my work an ecological perspective on the causes of human distress. If you have a sense that the difficulties you’re experiencing are somehow connected to how our society is set up then this way of seeing things may provide a helpful way for you to reframe things.

Interested in finding out more?

I offer a free introductory telephone session. For more information see my website. These other resources on my website may also be useful as you decide who you want to accompany you on this important journey you're about to undertake.

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