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About Us

Our Mission
Here at The National Directory of Counselling & Psychotherapy (NDCP) our mission is to help connect those in need of support with qualified and professional counsellors and/or psychotherapists and provide information and guidance to the general public through our counsellor profiles, articles and information pages.
We understand that finding a counsellor or psychotherapist can be a difficult and daunting process, because of this we strive to provide as much information as possible to help ensure that appropriate and helpful connections are made between clients and their professional of choice.
Our Story
The story of NDCP began in London in 2015, with a conversation between psychotherapists Mike Betts and Nick McCubbin. Mike and Nick had studied together several years earlier and had been running a private psychotherapy practice in London since 2010. Over the years they had regularly been told by clients, friends or family members how hard it was for the average person to begin the process of finding a counsellor or therapists. Whilst it was possible to find therapists websites online, it was an arduous task to scroll through pages of search results leaving people feeling defeated before they’d begun. A further problem was that the average person had little idea what to look out for. How would they know if the therapist had the appropriate qualification, or was regulated by and answerable to a reputable professional body?
In response to these issues Mike and Nick decided to build a website that could make this process less overwhelming and more efficient. They decided to create a nationwide directory of appropriately qualified and regulated therapist, and so the NDCP was born.
Not far into the process of building the directory it became apparent to the founders that a simple list of therapists was not sufficient. As practicing therapists they were keenly aware that most clients had gone through several stages before they found themselves in the consulting room. People often felt that whilst they would like to think about making some changes to their life, they may not be ready to set up an appointment with a counsellor, Mike and Nick were keen to support people during this stage of decision making and felt the best way to do this was provide them with as much information as possible, not just with extensive therapist profiles, but also by adding information pages and member written articles to the site.
A further realisation was that, in order to provide the widest possible pool of therapists for potential clients, the directory would have to be as accessible as possible for practising counsellors and psychotherapists. All existing directories had specific barriers to inclusion which limited choice for clients. Therapists wishing to be listed on other directories either had to be endorsed by a specific and exclusive body (i.e British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy or UK Council  for Psychotherapy etc) or had to consistently pay a significant monthly or annual subscription fee or both. The NDCP wanted to be as inclusive as possible and so chose to accept any therapist that is regulated by any reputable body and offered, alongside it’s significantly less expensive Featured subscription profiles a Standard profile that is completely free of charge. Members are welcome to swap between the two membership levels as appropriate, but would not be required to delete their profile completely if they wanted a break from the subscription. By working within this model the NDCP aims to maintain the widest choice possible for anyone seeking support.

Our Counsellors/Psychotherapists

We understand how important it is to be assured that your therapist is trained and experienced - which is why we have a thorough verification process in place that must be met by each professional before we verify a listing for them. A verified profile will have a Verified listing blue tick icon in the top righthand corner of the members profile.

We do have a few unverified listings for some individuals for basic information purposes. We do not monitor basic listings and they will not have the blue Verified listing tick icon.

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